New Guntec Request Feature

New Guntec Request Feature

I am now adding a feature to the site where people can request specific parts from GuntecUSA.

Request items by Monday morning and they will be ready to sell and ship to you by Thursday.

As you know, they have expanded their line of rails vastly. We now have:

Octagonal Rails
FDE/OD Green
Slanted nose Keymod
Red/Blue rails
16.5″ rails
.308 M-LOK

Lots of these options are mixed. Like Slant nose keymod OD green, Octogonal FDE, painted 16.5″, etc.

Please make sure you’re fine with making payment when it arrives. Contact me for questions on pricing. If you’ve seen the prices at my site, you know you’re going to get them at a pretty good price!

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