TheGuntube.com The Gun Tube was started by the creators of SkidTactical.com At SkidTactical.com, we had an idea. We wanted to sell thousands of products to customers at the lowest prices using latest programming techniques. We did not know how to implement that idea. But we started at zero and learned along the way in order to get SkidTactical.com to where it is today. It started with the first step. With TheGunTube.com, we want to fill the void that is the GunTubing community [...]


Why we are called “SkidTactical”

Many people ask my: “Why are you called SkidTactical”? As it resembles the name of another online firearms parts and accessories company. I assure you, I did not know about the other company until after I started SkidTactical. We actually started life as “Skid Armory”, but changed the name after about 6 months to “SkidTactical” because we weren’t really much of an armory since we did not have our FFL. Maybe a little more thought in the beginning could’ve helped that [...]