Shooting/Gear Tips

Buy a Melonite barrel, Shoot steel cased ammo. Lucky Gunner Labs Tests
If you have really bad vision, use a Scope (preferably one that can go down to 1 power). In SHTF, you may not have contacts or glasses. 3moa red dots will turn into 50moa dots. A scope can be adjusted to your eye to let you see everything clearly through it.
Save weight on your gun.
Have a light on your gun. Half of the day is dark.
Getting a threaded barrel on a pistol even though you will never attach something on it, gives you .5″ more of barrel. You will get +P performance without added recoil.
Get Chrome Silicone Springs where you can. You will never have to have spare springs to replace them, plus, they’re cheap and will keep your gun consistent through out it’s life (Springco White Buffer spring, Glock ISMI Recoil spring, etc.)
Zero .223/5.56 for 50 yards.
Parts that helped me save over a pound an a half on my AR-15 (Aero light scope mount, Streamlight TLR-4, Adjustable gas block, Low mass BCG)
Adjustable gas block makes your gun run cleaner, less recoil, more reliable, allow you to save weight on your BCG, less wear on your AR-15.
Running a battle belt gets weight off of your plate carrier. Lets you carry a decent amount of gear and mags if you want to go light.
Mossberg 500/590. Not Remington 870. Countless YouTube videos of 870’s getting stovepipes. Mossberg 590’s have dual extractors.
If you save and sell your brass, your ammo gets cheaper.
Actually adjust your butt stock, rather than running it extended. Your gun will be shorter, the weight of the gun will be closer to your center of gravity and this isn’t California/New York.
Shockwave Blade. Amazing if you want a gun with a short barrel.
Can’t decide between a 1-point or 2-point sling? Get one that can do both and have mounting points on your gun that allows both.
VFG/AFG grips will save your wrist if you are going to be walking around with your gun at the low ready.
Wear ear pro and double up if you have to. I’m 23, and I have hearing damage.
BAD levers may make your bolt not lock back. I drilled my gas port open more before I figured that one out..
If you are going to paint or add color to your gun, look at a satellite image of your state. FDE is over rated. 3/4 of the U.S. is green.
In Reloading, run the longest OAL while still being in spec. This will get you closer to the rifling lands, lower pressure, less case wear, better seal for running suppressed.
Get the longest gas system possible. 11.5″/12.5″/14.5″ middy. 16″ middy/rifle. 18″/20″ rifle. More time for case/chamber to drop pressure, smoother extraction, cleaner gun, less port erosion, less bolt/cam pin wear, less heat. Longer lasting gun over all.
1:8 twist rate with an AR-15. It will stabilize anything that will fit in an AR-15 mag. 1:7 is over stabilized, 50k RPM faster spinning bullet than 1:8. More barrel wear with 1:7.
Do not buy Nickle Boron parts. In our past, they have all flaked. This has been true with Bolt carriers and uppers. Get Melonite/Nitride.
Do not buy Radical Firearms. we have had 2 of their gas keys as well as 2 barrel extension loosen.