My store. Everything I like about online shopping included.

My store. Everything I like about online shopping included.

I figured since I started SkidTactical that I would make it with everything I like about online shopping and without everything I hate.

Free shipping: I hate having to add items to cart, fill out address forms, make accounts, just to find out shipping prices. With my site, what you see is what you pay.
Fast shipping: Nothing worse than buying on a Sunday and receiving an item on Monday a week later just because the place you bought from is slow to ship it out. I ship out same day if order is placed before 4PM CST. I send out tracking same day too
Product weight: I am critical about the weight of anything that goes on my gear or rifle. I weight every single item out of it’s packaging and list the exact weight to two decimals in the product description in ounces.
Customer service: I reply to emails quickly and my phone number is listed if you ever need anything quickly.
Death and taxes: I don’t make my Texas brothers foot the bill on taxes.

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