The Gun Tube was started by the creators of

At, we had an idea. We wanted to sell thousands of products to customers at the lowest prices using latest programming techniques. We did not know how to implement that idea. But we started at zero and learned along the way in order to get to where it is today. It started with the first step.

With, we want to fill the void that is the GunTubing community being silenced in this Web 2.0 generation. Our vision is a video sharing service that is free for all to upload along with rewarding content creators with ad revenue that is paid by gun companies. A system that will keep us all afloat.

Content creators make good content -> Advertisers pay for ad placements on The Gun Tube -> Content creators get paid -> Repeat.

We all support each other and everyone is happy.

We have to work up to a stable site, work out the bugs and have higher traffic come in to be attractive to advertisers in the gun industry.

But every good idea needs it’s first step.

At The Gun Tube, we are free.

With the help of the family, the gun community and the gun industry, we will make GunTubing Great Again.


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