We got our FFL!

Hey everyone! Just letting you guys know, we finally got our FFL! FFL number: 5-76-201-01-1F-05939 We will be working on listing guns in it's own section in the coming weeks. We are glad have accomplished our long term goal of getting our FFL for the business and are excited for new things to come! Thanks!

Read more... The Gun Tube was started by the creators of At, we had an idea. We wanted to sell thousands of products to customers at the lowest prices using latest programming techniques. We did not know how to implement that idea. But we started at zero and learned along the way in order to get to where it is today. It started with the first step. With, we want to fill the void that is the GunTubing community [...]


Why we are called “SkidTactical”

Many people ask my: "Why are you called SkidTactical"? As it resembles the name of another online firearms parts and accessories company. I assure you, I did not know about the other company until after I started SkidTactical. We actually started life as "Skid Armory", but changed the name after about 6 months to "SkidTactical" because we weren't really much of an armory since we did not have our FFL. Maybe a little more thought in the beginning could've helped that [...]


Warehouse Fulfillment now LIVE

So.. I've been working for endless hours (over 100 easily) lately trying to implement RSR Group fulfillment and it's finally done. For those of you who don't know, RSR Group is the largest firearms/parts/ammo distributor in the nation. They have anything and everything you could think of. I have listed all of their products on and at MAP pricing. They're listed at the lowest price I can have the at without getting into trouble with manufacturers. The cool thing is that RSR [...]


Guntec Fulfillment now LIVE

Guntec Fulfillment now LIVE Hope everyone is doing fine. Many in the past have wanted custom Guntec rails and I would have to special order them in order to meet customer’s needs. We have now implemented Guntec Fulfillment, where I take everyone’s orders and make a large order from Guntec bi-weekly using fast shipping to get it to me quickly to then ship it out to you. We’re now offering ALL Guntec rails and products. I plan on making Guntec orders Monday and [...]


What we’ve been working on

Long time since we’ve done an update. We’ve been slowly growing month over month and handling the larger influx of orders. Here is what we have accomplished: Shed is completed. Insulation and sheet rock is up, along with shelving and pegboards to organize products. Video coming soon Customer service. If any of you guys have dealt with me, you know I’ll take care of you. 100% refunds on anything. No re-stocking fees, no payment for postage on your end. I started SkidTactical [...]


Mid-Year Update

Time flies. We are now at the end of June and we've made big achievements so far thanks to the help from customers wanting to shop small business. Since the beginning, I've been doubling down in order to expand and bring more products to everyone at an easy-to-purchase site with: No need to make accounts No guessing of shipping costs Weights of products posted No spam promotional emails Same day shipping I've met lots of cool shooters, both online as well as here locally in Houston! Here is [...]


My store. Everything I like about online shopping included.

I figured since I started SkidTactical that I would make it with everything I like about online shopping and without everything I hate. $5 Flat Rate shipping: I hate having to add items to cart, fill out address forms, make accounts, just to find out shipping prices. With my site, $5 for shipping is all you pay. Fast shipping: Nothing worse than buying on a Sunday and receiving an item on Monday a week later just because the place you bought [...]


Guntec USA products are disabled until 1/25 due to Guntec being at ShotShow and not able to send us orders. Please join waitlists on products to order when they are active again. Dismiss