Guntec Fulfillment now LIVE

Guntec Fulfillment now LIVE

Guntec Fulfillment now LIVE

Hope everyone is doing fine.

Many in the past have wanted custom Guntec rails and I would have to special order them in order to meet customer’s needs.

We have now implemented Guntec Fulfillment, where I take everyone’s orders and make a large order from Guntec bi-weekly using fast shipping to get it to me quickly to then ship it out to you.

We’re now offering ALL Guntec rails and products. I plan on making Guntec orders Monday and Wednesday mornings, so as long as you order before then, I’ll have it shipped out to you in 2-3 business days.

We are also working on Faxon/Balistic Advantage drop-shipping and RSR fulfillment (largest gun parts distributor in the nation), where I can have parts next day.

We will always sell at MAP (minimum advertised pricing) in order to meet manufacturer’s guidelines. It’s a lot of programming, but I hope you guys like it!

All in all: lower pricing, way more products and still the same live inventory (but this time, from our distributors).

Thanks and happy shooting!

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