Mid-Year Update

Mid-Year Update

Time flies.

We are now at the end of June and we’ve made big achievements so far thanks to the help from customers wanting to shop small business.

Since the beginning, I’ve been doubling down in order to expand and bring more products to everyone at an easy-to-purchase site with:

No need to make accounts
No guessing of shipping costs
Weights of products posted
No spam promotional emails
Same day shipping

I’ve met lots of cool shooters, both online as well as here locally in Houston!

Here is where are are at:

750 complete online orders YTD.
I have finally purchased a small lathe/mill for custom work. Future CNC capabilities will be added for engraving.
Magpul parts, AR/Glock magazines, LPK’s, uppers, Faxon barrels and much more will be on the site
Brothers helping me package orders and ideas for site/products. Mom’s help inbound! Don’t worry, they’re being compensated!

Where we are going:

Sell specialty reloads (FFL needed)
Houston Gun Show sales

Were I need to improve:

YouTube videos – Admittedly, the large amounts of flooding here in Houston have kept the ranges closed
More informational posts in the knowledge section
Organize the store with visual categories (now that we have much more inventory)
Polish the site in several places

More to come!

Thank you to everyone!

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