Warehouse Fulfillment now LIVE

Warehouse Fulfillment now LIVE


I’ve been working for endless hours (over 100 easily) lately trying to implement RSR Group fulfillment and it’s finally done.

For those of you who don’t know, RSR Group is the largest firearms/parts/ammo distributor in the nation. They have anything and everything you could think of.

I have listed all of their products on SkidTactical.com and at MAP pricing. They’re listed at the lowest price I can have the at without getting into trouble with manufacturers.

The cool thing is that RSR Group is in Dallas, TX and I am in Houston, TX so the shipping times is very fast, it is essentially next day shipping at no extra cost. So I’m able to get products to you guys very quickly.

I am not selling ammo via RSR Group because their ammo prices are high and shipping ammo is a hassle and also expensive.

Basically, customers will buy products from the RSR Group Fulfillment category, I’ll buy those products and ship them to me, then I’ll ship them out to customers. Much better on both my end and the customer’s end because I won’t need to have inventory sitting on the shelf waiting to be sold and customers will have access to thousands of products at the lowest price possible!

Thanks for checking in and here’s what more I need to work on:

-Gallery (I have a lot of images I need to add/sort)

-Customer Gallery (where customers can show off their gear purchased for SkidTactical.com)

-Faxon/Balistic Advantage Fulfillment

Thank you everyone! Stay safe!

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  • Chris Reply

    I’ve ordered from you a few times during talked to you on Reddit, and have seen the website develop over the the past several months…. what kind of coding magic are you using to get so many products uploaded so quickly and them be so organized with product/brand pictures and everything? I’ve had to upload products to an online store before and remember it taking FOREVER to get product photos, descriptions, categories, attributes, etc input correctly. You’ve literally got tens of thousands of products! What kind of wizardry is it!?

    September 11, 2018 at 1:47 pm
    • joshv06 Reply

      My brother is a programmer that used to work at NASA and is now a programmer at a major US car manufacturer. I ask him for things I need and he does it. I guess the secret is College!

      September 11, 2018 at 4:27 pm

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