What we’ve been working on

What we’ve been working on

Long time since we’ve done an update. We’ve been slowly growing month over month and handling the larger influx of orders.

Here is what we have accomplished:

Shed is completed. Insulation and sheet rock is up, along with shelving and pegboards to organize products. Video coming soon
Customer service. If any of you guys have dealt with me, you know I’ll take care of you. 100% refunds on anything. No re-stocking fees, no payment for postage on your end. I started SkidTactical as passion for shooting, I’m a shooter first.
My two brothers are now hired on and apart of the team. Younger brother “Gio” is now managing packing all orders and delivering to the post office each day. He also organized all inventory that comes in and helps me with anything else I might need, especially video editing when necessary.
My older brother Jonathan is putting is college skills to work and helping me implement:
-Faxon and Balistic advantage drop-shipping with all products and MAP pricing.
-Full Guntec implementation, listing all products
-Full RSR implementation
I’m always working on answering calls, texts, emails and ordering new things for the site where necessary.

Just a note on these implementations: Faxon and Balistic advantage orders will be fulfulled same day, Guntec will be about 2-3 business days and RSR products will also be 2-3 business days to fulfill. All KAK/Shockwave products will still go out same day. In the end, we will have lower pricing, way more options and slightly higher handling time for everything not KAK/Shockwave.

Long term goals:

More range videos: The range we go to is under renovation, we’ll get to more videos around spring.
Soon hire my Mom: She’s next on the list, I’ll get there soon.

We’re always staying busy, stay tuned!

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