Why we are called “SkidTactical”

Why we are called “SkidTactical”

Many people ask my: “Why are you called SkidTactical”? As it resembles the name of another online firearms parts and accessories company.

I assure you, I did not know about the other company until after I started SkidTactical.

We actually started life as “Skid Armory”, but changed the name after about 6 months to “SkidTactical” because we weren’t really much of an armory since we did not have our FFL. Maybe a little more thought in the beginning could’ve helped that haha.

Either way, we use “Skid” because it comes from my past business venture, SkidHacker.com (now defunct). SkidHacker.com was an online informative cyber security and penetration testing website where we showed people how to hack (which I understand carries a negative connotation, but is not the case) on YouTube (videos from ~7 years ago still on my Joshv06 channel) and would sell wifi cards, USB drives and the like.

“Skid” in the computer world comes from “Script Kiddie”, which turned into “Skiddie” and then on to just “Skid”. When meant someone who lacked knowledge in penetration testing, but used programs and not skill to achieve a task. Since our old site was to teach new people, “Skid” seamed fitting.

We also had Skid Vapes for a year, an online E-Juice company which we stopped due to a flooded market.

Onto SkidTactical.

We brought over the Skid name to SkidTactical because it had a nice ring to it and because I’m not very creative for site names.

Either way, people seem to like the name and that’s the story for why we are called SkidTactical.

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